Hello! We are the Book Babes, two book lovers who wanted to share their reading pleasure with the world~

       You may also like to know us as our normal names, Amanda (left) and Ginger (right). We are both from a small Pennsylvania town and well, we both love books! Read our bios below:

Amanda is currently working full time in the medical field. She enjoys reading, writing, and almost any form of art. She also has a passion for nature and the outdoors, especially the atmosphere of the amazing Pennsylvania woods. Some of her favorite books are Anne of Green Gables, November 9, and The Fault in Our Stars. Her favorite thing about books is how they can take any person to another place at any time.

Ginger is a current college student studying Biology. Not only does she read but she does a lot of art as well. She loves to help animals and has one dog, 4 cats and some mice of her own. Some of her favorite books are the Warriors series, IT, The Stand, and well…there are a lot more. She enjoys all genres and enjoys a good bookish talk (: