May TBR! (Ging)

May is my birthday month, when university ends, and when summertime starts to shine on the horizon!

It’s also where apparently I have a lot of ARCS to catch up on xD


Yep, that’s right! Over half of my May TBR are advanced reader copies that I have received over the past month or so, and almost all of them have since been released! (‘Round Midnight will be coming out soon). I feel so awful I didn’t get around to them yet, but with studying for finals, work, appointments, etc in April I just didn’t have time…not to mention I had a horrible reading slump :/ I only read two and 1/2 books in April so I really hope to pick up the pace this month.

I do not know much about any of the books on my TBR, but I like it that way!

Blood Rose Rebellion is the first book in a new fantasy trilogy and it seems very good.

‘Round Midnight is a thriller/mystery I believe that follows the point of view of four women in the same place in one night.

Saint Death has a Hispanic vibe (Much like Lola, which I need to post my review for) with a tension filled plot line.

No Easy Prey (Actually No Easy Target) is a total mystery to me but it came with signed bookplates, so I was stoked!

The Standard Grand is also a blur, but I think it is more non-fiction but sounds pretty darn good.

As for the last 3, they are The Grisha Trilogy by Leigh Bardugo!!! I’ve wanted to read for a long time, so I’m glad they are finally in the final stretch haha.

I think this is a fair and do-able TBR for this month, since I will have some freetime after school ends. I will be posting reviews as I finish so stay tuned!! Excited to share with you guys!!!

What books are you reading this month??? I’d love to hear in the comments below (:



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