Bookie Memes To Brighten Your Day

This post is entirely dedicated to memes that describe the life of a book lover. I love seeing memes that I can relate to! I have scoured the internet for some funny ones! I’m sure you will get a laugh out of them like I did 🙂

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This is me every time I go to walk into a book store. And I almost always come back out of said book store with a little less cash and a lovely bag filled with utter joy (AKA new books). It’s kind of unavoidable, when you’re someone like me, to leave a book store empty handed. I’m this way with online book shopping too…it’s hard to say no when there’s a sale online for a limited time only!

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I have lost track of how many nights I’ve spent fighting to keep my eyes open while making my way through a book. I always regret it the next day but at the same time it is sooo worth it. Sometimes you have to accept the fact that you cannot sleep until you have some answers or know how it’s going to end. 

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This one is perfect. Us bookies are protective of our books! You steal any books and you’re in for a world of hurt! 😛 I don’t mind lending books to people as long as I trust them to take care of my things. Luckily I haven’t received any books back ruined or in bad condition.

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This is how I feel about Ging (other author of this blog) ahahaha!!! We can discuss books and characters and story lines and still think of each other as perfectly sane 😛

These people are MONSTERS I say!!! I want to pummel you with my pillow!!:

Always use a bookmark! Always!! I hate when I get a book from the library and the pages are crinkled or the corners are ruined because people can’t take the time to find something to use as a bookmark. Use a sticky note! Use a torn piece of paper! Anything…!!

And they underestimate your reading powers::

Wrapping this post up with this meme-hilarious! Don’t let anyone get in the way of your power reading. They say it’s impossible…well prove them wrong! Many a time I have read through books super fast and surprised people. I think it impresses them to be honest 😛

What did you think of my memes? Let me know in the comments which one is your favorite and how you relate!



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