Life Updates

Catch-up Time…(Amanda)

Hey everyone. It’s Amanda here. I haven’t really posted anything lately and I feel so bad about it…ugh. I’ve seriously been meaning to write posts on here for the past week but just haven’t been able to do it. Call it laziness, blank mind, or lack of time – I really have found it hard to sit down and write.

Hopefully that ends now! I have so many things I want to be doing in my life right now that sometimes it can be hard to concentrate and focus on one thing. I’m going to work on that – but I promise you I seriously am dedicated to this blog and our followers through our various social media sites.

I have been amazed at the people we have reached through our posts. It is incredible to me that books bring so many people together. I know I’ve said about this before, but I just can’t help but reflect on it. Books have been important to me since I was a little girl, and actually interacting with others who have the same love for the written word as I do is awesome!

In “real life” I’ve been working at my job like usual. I’ve been training a student in the medical field so she can see how our system runs in our medical office. It definitely takes a lot of work on my end to make sure she is learning everything I learned when I first started working at the office. I have to keep reminding myself that I’ve been working at this job for the past year and a half and I have to take it slow teaching her. She is doing great though, and I’ve enjoyed getting to know her!

I also have been balancing my off-work time between friends and family. I admit it can be hard. Sometimes when I get off work I want to just go home and take a nap. I just feel so drained sometimes. *I will admit – right now I am fighting sleep off just so I can write this post*  I mean, it’s one thing to work a full day. But it’s something else to keep constantly busy with patients and phone calls and issues through the day…unable to step away for breaks.

I have a mental check-list I am constantly adding things to in my mind. I’m sure all of you know what I’m talking about. Pay bills, clean up the house, organize some things, get appointments scheduled, make plans with friends, etc. It may not seem like much, but life can feel pretty chaotic when you have a lot going on. I understand now what it means to want time to slow down. Heck, I still can’t believe I am 22 now (my birthday was in January). I feel…different? Haha, I don’t know how to explain it. I just can’t believe that it’s been almost 4 years since I graduated high school and 2 years since I graduated from college.

College was fun and better than high school, but I really hated accumulating the student loans. One thing I’m really excited about right now is the fact that I plan on paying off the rest of my student loans soon…like by the end of this week! I have been waiting for this moment for awhile!

As for topics related more to reading – I have been reading as much as I can and trying to make extra time to do so. I will talk more about my recent reading in another post – soon to come!

How have your lives been going? Are you feeling a bit chaotic right now like me? Tell me in the comments below! Thanks for reading 🙂



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