Previews and Wrap Ups

Romance Read-a-Thon WRAP UP (Ging)

Romance Read-a-Thon has seriously flown by. I didn’t get around to all of the books on my TBR pile but I did manage to read 6 books! (I’ll be finishing the other couple this week so they will be on my normal wrap-up at the end of the month 😉 ) So let’s get into the books!


Image result for the summer i turned pretty The Summer I Turned Pretty by Jenny Han

This was the first book that I finished for RRaT. I think it was a great book to start it off because it was well written, fun and overall a quick read. In the book we follow main character Isabel (Belly) as she begins her summer adventures like she does every year. But this time, things are different, because now everyone is really seeing her as puberty is catching up. I only had a couple minor issues with this book, such that Belly was a slightly less mature character (yet she was only 15) and so sometimes her attitude was a bit eye-roll-y. Overall, though, I enjoyed this book and I want to read the other two in the series.



Image result for me before you book Me Before You by Jojo Moyes

Me Before You has been the talk of the town for quite awhile now, and finally I picked it up for myself. And I can see where all the hype is coming from. In this book we follow young woman Louisa who takes up a job as a care-taker for a young man who is now a quadriplegic. It’s simply the story of how the two become close in the months she is employed. I must say it was a delicate little story that unfolded into a happy yet sad novel. I enjoyed both main characters quite a lot and there was a tear or two close to the end of the book. This book definitely left a mark on my literary journey and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for that new engaging and romantic read.


Image result for eleanor and park Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell

Being my first Rainbow Rowell book, I was quite pleased with how it went. Her writing is quite beautiful and it’s easy to fly through in only one or two sittings. This story follows the lives of new girl Eleanor and quiet, go-with-the-flow Park and how their lives connect and grow into a lovely relationship. It’s a great coming of age, first love novel that has cleverly created characters that some will find rather relate-able. The only big issue I had with this book was the end because to me it left off rather open ended and I am a creature who likes closure. Overall, I would recommend to those who love teenage love and meaningful stories.


Image result for just one day Just One Day by Gayle Forman

From the author of the acclaimed If I Stay also comes the beloved Just One Day in which I tackled in RRaT. I heard great things about this book. It follows a young girl Allyson who while abroad in Europe decides on a whim to go off with a stranger to Paris for just one day. This book is not only about this adventure but the months following. In my opinion the story was very unique and I very much enjoyed Allyson as a character, but there were certain aspects, like the ending again, that I just didn’t like as much. I would recommend this book to new college students as there is mention of these struggles in the book and also those who like a good story and can stand a little emotion.


Image result for along for the ride Along for the Ride by Sarah Dessen

This was also a first in the sense that I’ve never read Sarah Dessen until now! I’ve heard lots of good about her so I finally picked up a book. This story follows Auden as she goes to spend the summer with her father and his new family. Here she learns what it means to be a teen and maybe even fall in love. I thoroughly enjoyed this book! It was a lovely story with very good writing. Auden was a great character and her personality really shown throughout the book. As well, the ending was super cute and it made me smile as I closed it up. It’s a great representation of finding yourself as well. I highly recommend this especially for people who prefer YA books but want a good story not just for the romance!


Image result for message in a bottle book Message in a Bottle by Nicholas Sparks

After falling in love with The Notebook and A Walk to Remember, I knew I needed another Sparks book on my list. Message in a Bottle is the story of Theresa and Garret. Theresa one day stumbles upon a bottle on the beach and inside she finds the most heart felt message she has ever read. From there the story grows. Although I was teary eyed from AWtR, this book had me all out bawling. The emotion, story, plot, everything was so superb and I have to say Sparks did it again with making me fall in love with one of his books! I highly, HIGHLY recommend you picking this one up as long as you think you’re up for the challenge. It was such a wonderful read and I finished it in a day (:



I’m so glad I got to read some of these great books over Romance Read-a-Thon! I hope you pick one up for your TBR pile soon, you won’t regret it! Or, if you’ve already read one, what were your thoughts?! Leave your raves or rants in the comments below~



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