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Top 5 Wednesday: Trends I’m Tired Of

Welcome to Top 5 Wednesday! T5W is hosted over at Goodreads-if you would like to do this yourself, go ahead and follow the link to the group (:

Hey guys it me Ginger again, back at it with the silly blog posts! Today’s T5W is “Book Trends You’re Tired Of”. Not going to lie, this one was pretty tough but I hope you enjoy what I feebly came up with 😛

Also these will most likely offend some people. PLEASE DON’T BE. If you read under each thing you’ll understand more than just the numbered titles lol

1.) The Generic Dystopian

I feel like ever since The Hunger Games the dystopian books have gone through the roof. A new America, a whole new world, classes, etc. etc. I’m not saying that these books are bad, a lot tend to have good plots and aspects, but because of the hype train those many years ago we are still getting dystopian novels and it’s like we get it, its not the normal world okay. Moving on.

Why does it have to be dystopian when you could just, make up a new world instead? Just saying.

Image result for hunger games

2.) Badass Girl Characters

Don’t get me wrong, a good badass female protagonist isn’t a bad things. BUT. I think it is becoming highly overused. More and more books, especially those I see on booktube, all have really strong female leads who could honestly do without a man and who are the best and yeah. Why not a few more guy leads again, or non-hero girls xD It would be nice for a slight change.

3.) #OwnVoices 

Okay before you cut out my spleen, hear me out. I am NOT agaisnt #OwnVoices. However, the complete hype and rants on booktube really make me want to not even consider this kind of stuff. I personally will read anything. I could give zero craps what race or sexuality or whatever the main character is. I’ll either love or hate them for who they are as the character, not that stuff! And I do think diversity is good, but trying too hard for such things is not. And getting upset because there are a lot of common white people books isn’t really something to get worked up over, because there are still a lot of non normal books out there, especially now. Which is what I’m saying. Now that everyone’s on this train, they are cranking out more books with random races and such just to appeal to this little idea. People should just write what they want for gosh sakes.

Image result for ownvoices

4.) Classic Contemporary Romances

I know these will never change ( 😛 ) but hey I’ll put it on the list. Girl meets boy. Girl probably doesn’t like boy at first or vice versa. They do something together. They like each other. Romance ensues. Yawn.

Why not do something a little more…exciting? After a few of these I get tired so easy and there are so many out there. I’m hoping all the YA I’m reading for Romance Read-a-Thon doesn’t get me in a slump because of all the genericness xD

5.) Retellings

The reason this made the list is because I think this has become really popular within like, the last year. What with ACOTAR, The Lunar Chronicles, Heartless, etc. there are just so many retellings. It’s cool to see a spin on an already common story, but why not make something original and wow us with that instead? The plot might be different but the origin is the same and I don’t know it just might get old fast if they keep being cranked out.

Image result for retelling book

So there you have it! My five tropes that I could live without right now. They really don’t bother me that much but in order to play along with the game I had to think of something. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed! What tropes are you sick of? What ones on my list do you not agree with? I’d love to hear (:



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