Romance Read-a-Thon: Why I normally dislike romance…

Hey guys, Ging here! Romance Read-a-Thon has been going well on my end. I’m on my third book, although I was hoping to be on my fourth…hopefully by tonight! 😀

Anyway, I figured I’d do a post today (although I wanted to YESTERDAY) that has something to do with romance and all the gooey loveliness and such. Yeah well I’m going to talk about what I normally dislike in a romance story.

Quick Note: These are my opinions and I would appreciate if you guys understand I’m not trying to offend anyone. If you love romance the most, more power to you! And I have read plenty of romance I have liked, just more I havent~

Let’s get to it.

1.)  “Love at first sight”

This is one thing, especially in YA books, that I can’t. stand. I, personally, don’t think love at first sight is a natural thing. And plus, me having read a book on love about a month ago, I know what this ‘feeling’ is. When someone finds someone attractive and possibly starts dating, they get this ‘in love’ state where they can think nothing but of that person. But this doesn’t last. It’s lucky to last for a year, but normally less. In order to continue loving someone the right way, you have to put effort. So true love at first sight is false and you will almost never actually end up with the VERY FIRST PERSON you ‘fall in love with.’ So there.

2.) Young Kids and Love

Another YA trope. You get these 15/16 year old kids either clearly noticeably young or acting like their twenty or something and thinking they can just fall in love and live happily ever after. First off, you’re like 12 so you can stop acting so high and mighty. Second off, in today’s society, everyone uses love so loosely and these little kids are acting like little whores and it just puts a sour taste in my mouth. I didn’t even kiss someone til I was 17 for crying out loud cause I was a loser I guess xD Don’t get me wrong, some books can pull this off, like The Summer I Turned Pretty, but others just made me gag.

Image result for young kids love gif

3.) Unrealistic Sex Scenes

This is, of course, for the more adult books. And this idea also comes from Lala over on booktube (check out her video). Sex is not perfect and pretty and the same every time. And all the virginity losing books are either so much blood and pain or feeling nothing. Like come on, sex isn’t black and white people. And it’s not always serious and sexy. People don’t completely turn off their personality for sex, and honestly it would be kind of a downer if they did…that’s why you love them in the first place! So yes, if we could get some more doggy style and restroom sex maybe it would get a little more realistic…or heck just a few corny jokes or giggles! 😛

4.) Love Triangles

Does anyone else agree? Yes? Maybe? Okay. Well in most situations, love triangles suck. I’m going to use one of my fave series here. The Selection series I thoroughly enjoyed but what I kept getting angry over was the constant which guy do I pick. It took THREE DAMN BOOKS for her to choose and it was so frustrating. I understand the real life concept of a love triangle, or at least maybe liking two boys and having to choose, but god books can make this so dramatic sometimes and it gets old. Like, really old, really fast.

Image result for love triangle gif
A beloved Love Triangle 😛 (But not a beloved movie)

5.) The Ol Tragic Love Story

Don’t get me wrong, there are some damn good ones out there (A Walk to Remember anyone?) but I think its kind of a cheap throw when this happens. I really didn’t like The Fault in our Stars, a lot because of the story itself, but also because John Green kinda sucker punched everyone. It was a low blow and I mean what do you expect when the TWO MAIN CHARACTERS HAVE CANCER. Like I said, there are good ones, but I tend to find that YA books with tragic love story’s are really too sappy and they don’t get my feels flowing at all. Which really if I don’t get a little teary or chest tightening you didn’t do a good job at that tragedy. That’s just me. And I swear this all started with Romeo and Juliet. We didn’t need more guys xD

Image result for romeo and juliet gif


I f***ing hate sappy stuff. Like overly sappy. Not only is it just gross vomit inducing sweetness, but it’s unrealistic. THAT’s what gets me. These books are making girls everyone looking for a prince charming, a fictional romeo and that’s not how guys are. It just isn’t. Maybe Christian Grey is the best example cause well, it’s all about sex with guys (kidding kidding…kinda 😛 ) But the oh I can’t live without you, you make my heart swoon, roses and special dates and perfect first kisses. No. It’s just not how life is. And in many cases I hate how that is portrayed. But that’s just me guys.


So that’s a list of a few things I tend to dislike in Romance Novels. What do you dislike? Did you think my list was a little harsh? Let me know in the comments below (:




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