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Top 5 Wednesday: Non-Bookish Favorites

Welcome to Top 5 Wednesday! T5W is hosted over at Goodreads-if you would like to do this yourself, go ahead and follow the link to the group (:

Hello guys, Ging here (: This the first Top 5 Wednesday on the blog, but be expecting them every week! This weeks topic is “Current Favorites that Aren’t Books”. Weird, the first post I do isn’t about books 😛

Let’s get on with it, shall we?

1.) Hunter X Hunter/ Anime

Okay so if you didn’t already know, I am utterly obsessed with this show ❤ I love anime a lot, even though I haven’t watched too many the whole way through yet, but I have to say Hunter X Hunter is tied for my favorite anime of all time (the other being Fullmetal Alchemist).

I only have one arc left to go before it’s over and I just honestly have been procrastinating watching just because I don’t want it to end D,: I’m so in love with it I’m thinking about getting a tattoo of two of my fave characters, Killua and Gon. I’ll just leave the idea below..

Image result for hunter x hunter

Image result for gon and killua

2.) My Mice

About a month ago I finally started my own little genetics experiment and got a few mice. Unfortunately a couple passed away and I’ve gotten two more, but now I have 5 mousers that I’m raising and working on breeding for coat colors and such. My adult black female, Onyx, is currently pregnant and I CANNOT WAIT FOR BABIES. I’ve been waiting so long and I just want them now 😛

3.) Shinedown Radio on Pandora

I love Shinedown, it’s one of my favorite bands. But honestly I love the Pandora station. I’m listening to it as I write this. It has so many good songs and bands and yeah I’m quite the alternative chick. When I want to listen to music, whether it be to scream/sing along or wallow in my sadness (lol) I go to this station. It tends to get the anger out and I just jam out!

If you don’t listen to any of the bands on here you need to revisit your tastes. Seriously.

Image result for shinedown

4.) Makeup

If you knew me a few months ago you’d know that makeup wasn’t my thing, but lately I’ve seen the art in it and enjoy seeing myself in the mirror with it on. I feel good about myself most days and then I feel even more empowered with my dark red lips 😉 So yeah, I guess makeup is a good appreciation now. Heh.

5.) Instagram

Well, I’ve always liked Instagram, but now that we have one for the blog I’ve kinda been obsessed with taking pics and getting followers and stuff. It’s mainly because it’s been our biggest social media network to get people to read the blog, and it’s exciting to see our numbers growing and people liking our posts! Eeeep! I’ll post a few below lol.


Btw my mouse Pipsqueak (:

So yeah! That’s a few things I’ve been having fun with lately in my life (: Tune in next Wednesday for the next Top 5~ And don’t forget to stay updated with the ROMANCE READ-A-THON!!!!



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