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Zoo: Book Review

Image result for zoo james pattersonZoo by James Patterson

Published by Grand Central Publishing

Genre: Thriller/Fiction

Pages: 395



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All over the world animals have been attacking people without a cause. Jackson Oz, a biologist, has been watching the chaos for months with growing dread. In attempt to get more information he goes to Africa where he witnesses a horrific lion attack that is surprisingly strategic and coordinated. Along with the help of environmentalist Chloe Tousignant, Oz must discover what is causes the animals to act so very differently…before its too late.

Praise praise praise for James Patterson. I swear I’ve never read one of his books that I haven’t loved or at least thoroughly enjoyed. This book was no exception. It was excellently crafted, suspenseful and overall keeping me turning pages. It was finished in a night. 

The overall plot itself was so creative and engaging. I myself am going to school to become a biologist and am an animal lover, so this book was something that sucked me in and had me thinking so much about. In a way I felt bad for the animals, who seemed mostly controlled by something than acting out of spite. 

And Oz was a wonderful main character. He was smart, level headed and so dedicated to helping people. Watching his journey unfold was just like many of the other characters of Patterson’s I’ve come to love. And of course, his writing style has always been one of my favorites. The short chapters make the book fly and before you know it you’ve reached the last page!

As I closed the book upon finishing, I was rather annoyed. Not by the ending, but of how truthfully portrayed the people were in the book. I don’t want to go too in depth because, well, spoilers, but if you really want to get into it send me a message because I’ll gladly discuss my feelings more in depth. 

For one of his stand alone novels, this book was well done. If anything it was only slightly rushed to fit into a 400 page book and not to bore people with all the scientific analysis and such. For people who prefer a long build up, that might be a little annoying, but it didn’t bother me in the least.

I easily gave this book 5 stars on Goodreads. Like I said, James Patterson never fails to impress me. I highly recommend this book and have almost nothing but good words to say about it! Which is why the review is kinda short 😛 So what are you waiting for, go read it!!




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