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Confessions of a Book Blogger: New Goals and Other Thoughts (Amanda)

Hey, it’s Amanda again! So I really wanted to write another post for the blog, but I couldn’t really think of one main topic I wanted to focus on. I figured I’d just write a post with some of my rambling thoughts…so here we go!

My work life has been pretty busy lately. Some days I feel like not doing anything when I come home. But in another way, it gives me more ambition to do more in my personal life. Since the start of 2017, I’ve made it my goal to live my life how I want to live it. I’ve been having a great time hanging with friends, having awesome experiences, and just enjoying life the way I want to. We have this awesome life to live, why not do it the way YOU want to do it? With these thoughts in my head, I was really excited when Ginger brought up the idea of doing a book blog together. It’s something new to me and I’m so excited to be a part of it.

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Ever since I started this blog with Ginger, I’ve really learned a lot more about the book world than I did before. We’re on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest…all these social media sites…exposing ourselves to new books, new authors, new ideas, and more. I am loving it, and I am so glad to have a friend to share my love of books with.What I really like is having such a cool interest that so many people relate to 🙂

Which leads me to my current predicament. I have so many books people have told me I need to read, but I haven’t really started an actual list of these books (AKA my TBR list). I do have a big jar with slips of paper inside…on each slip of paper I have a name of a book I want to read! I love the concept of it, but I also want to have a list…so I dunno, we’ll see what I end up doing with that. I really would like to be more organized with a list though.

I love to be organized. This is why I got a nice planner/calendar book for 2017 that I put everything in! Anything from doctor appointments to special events to planned blog posts or ideas is in this book. I would go take a picture of it but it’s downstairs, I’m upstairs, and right now I’m a little too comfy to go down there for a pic. Haha.

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As for bookish news, I am currently reading Frostblood by Elly Blake for a local book club meeting coming up February 8th! So far I like it. Only time will tell how it turns out though! I want to get it done in a couple days then maybe read one more book before I start on some other things in February – more to come on that :p

Image result for frosblood by elly blake

That’s all for now from me. Time for me to get reading!

What was your new year’s resolution? What books are you reading? We want to hear!!! Leave us a comment below 🙂



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