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Confessions of a Book Blogger; Slump, School, Excitement!

Confessions of a Book Blogger was created by me, Ginger, to discuss non bookish (or bookish) things happening in my life. We are only human you know 😛


I’ve been debating on what I wanted to do for my next post as we anxiously await for the amazingness of February to begin, so I finally decided to just do a life update post. My life hasn’t been too interesting but there are some things I can talk about.

First and foremost, I have been diligently battling a book slump since the middle of December. After classes stopped I suddenly just didn’t have any motivation whatsoever to pick up another book. Mind you, it was the holidays and John and I (my boyfriend) were pretty busy running between family and OH YEAH I forgot my car broke down and I was freaking that Id have to get another. [Good news, I have my car back] I wasn’t really doing anything, honestly. But then after Amanda and I started talking and we realized OMG we both like books, I considered redoing a blog (more on that below) and was happy to find she was on board. So since we created BB, Ive been edging myself to read more books even before February comes and I have to get a stack of romance novels, which I’ll be honest I’m actually quite excited for.

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So far I’ve read the newest book in my favorite series, which I finished in a night, and I’m currently trudging through The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. It’s been slow but right where I finished it seemed to be getting interesting, so I’ll be reading more again shortly after finishing this post. I’ve set a goal to read 100 pages a day, at least, so I can finish it in 6 days (Its 644 pages long). I also have an ARC I want to read before the excitement of February sits in because Id really like to read at least 6 books for the read-a-thon plus my challenge book (you’ll learn that on the 1st 😉 ) and so I don’t want to be rushing through the ARC just to get to the other books.

Image result for the girl with the dragon tattoo

With that being said, I do go back to school tomorrow. Mostly I’m freaking out because school is just not my favorite place and on Mon, Fri I’ll be stuck there from 9-2 and on Wed 9-5 D: Luckily its less time on the other two days but its still school. Last semester was a little rough so I’d like to do better this time around (No Ds please) so I wont be mad at myself come summertime. The good thing about school is that I found its a great place to read. So Im hoping that I’ll be able to get in a few extra chapters in between lectures!

But what I really wanted to talk about, which ties into me getting out of this slump, is getting this blog started! I had created my own blog last year at this time and for the few months I did it, I had lots of fun. By the close, not only was I so increasingly busy but it was becoming more of a headache than a fun escape. So I took some months off and although I read a few books, I wasn’t really back into my amazing fun reading self. Life through me for a loop for awhile in 2016, but I’m glad to be back on a track.

When things got rough, I would read blogs like The Perpetual Page Turner who was my absolute inspiration back when I began in 2016, and is still a big influence today. I’d also watch Booktube and I still love it. WhittyNovels, Hailey in Bookland, Katytastic, The Little Book Owl, The Mile Long Bookshelf, A Clockwork Reader, heck I could go on. They’re all so amazing and inspiring. I tried my hand at booktube but I’ll be honest I have no patience for editing and I’d rather write my heart out instead xD

Anyway, point in case, I’m just so excited to be back in the world of bookish things. Not onyl do I want to read more, but I want to make my studio filled with books and actually make my bookshelves look good because they just aren’t as pretty as I’d like them to be :,I

So, I guess, here is to Book Babes! This is going to be such a fun fun fun adventure especially with Amanda by my side! She will keep me from getting these slumps and from wanting to cry about life sucking when I can just open another book.

I hope you stay along for the ride, it’s going to be great! Until next time I confess my heart out~



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