Welcome To My Happy Place – AKA Amanda’s First Post :)

Hellooooo fellow readers and writers! I’m so glad you decided to stop by and take a look at the blog Ginger and I have created ~ well, Ginger was kind of the one who started it all. I did contribute ideas :p and gave feedback! That counts, right?

Anyways, I hope this blog becomes a place of bookish fun and enjoyable posts. I already look at it as a happy place to get away from the busy hectic world we live in. Hopefully, some other people will see it this way as well. We already have big plans for February – so prepare yourselves! With Ginger and I calling the shots, I think we’ve got a good chance at pulling some readers in…


In all honesty, I look forward to throwing myself into working on this blog. I love having a project to involve myself in, and this is the perfect venue for the creative juices I haven’t tapped for awhile. Time to release the metaphorical cork of creative juices!!


I will admit this post is taking me longer to write than intended. A part of it is I’m not quite sure what to say in my FIRST POST EVER! But the other part of it is I sometimes find it hard to concentrate on one thing at once, especially when I’m on a computer where I can switch between 8 tabs multiple times doing multiple things. That might be me right now…

But no worries! This is just a start-up post to tell you all that I am very excited to bring my love of reading to others and share in this experience we are all wrapped up with. The love of reading and sharing that with others is a very amazing thing, in my opinion. So here’s to imagination and dreamy book boyfriends 😉

Talk to you all soon!! xoxo

P.S. I am well aware Ginger already tagged me in a book tag, so I will be getting to that soon enough 😉



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